Rovinia is one of the spectacular  beaches of Palaiokastritsa bay located at about 2km of Liapades . Rovinia can be accessed by boat from Gefyra Beach (Liapades) or Palaiokastritsa. Another exciting alternative is by walking downhill  through a narrow path with wonderful vegetation.

The beach is covered with  smooth and shiny white pebbles and is surrounded by the gorgeous green mountains. On the left side of the beach there is a short hiking path  over the hill that leads to Limni beach.  While following this path you can also have a look from the top of an underwater cave.

The whole scenery and its colors reflect  perfectly into the water and provide a wonderful atmosphere.

Rovinia is a quite secluded beach with no infrastructure , maintaining its natural beauty  although during high season it can get really crowded . There is sometimes just  a cantine boat offering sandwiches and cold drinks.

If you are looking for  a relaxing day at the beach and seek to renew yourself, Rovinia is definitely one of your best choices.


Walking guide

From the main crossroad Rovinia Beach, Liapades you take the right for about 30 meters and then you turn right to the small dirt road.You walk the dirt road until you see a small path on your right. (That paths leads back to the main road of Liapades beach) You continue walking the dirt road through the shades of the olive forest.

You reach a point where you can now see the blue sea on your front. You continue walking down the concrete road until you reach a big wall. To that point the road is accessible by car so you might see some cars parked. You continue walking towards the wall on the dirt road (alternatively you can go from the back of the wall on the right) until the path becomes narrow and you get in to the trees.

You see the blue of the sea between the shades of the trees. On your right there is a narrow path that take you to the edge of the cliff where you can clearly see Liapades beach (Gefyra) and take panoramic pictures. You continue walking down the main path through the shades for about 100 meters until the light becomes lighter as you get out to Rovinia beach.


Walking Photo guide



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