The beach of Limni is a beautiful isolated environment which is located about 2 km away from the village of Liapades. Limni is a completely natural beach and since it has no infrastructure consider taking water and food with you. Its shape is very peculiar.

Essentially it’s a short white strip covered with smooth pebbles and no sand at all.

The strip merges the land with a huge rock in the sea and so a double beach is formed, where on the left and right are two beautiful bays with deep blue water. Once you are at Limni you will be amazed by the relaxing natural environment and instantly notice the serenity. The view is spectacular as you can see the Paleokastritsa, its famous coves the mountains and the green landscape.

Take advantage of this wonderful gift of nature in seclusion and serenity. Enjoy your time.

Walking guide

On the main crossroad you take the right for about 400 meters until you reach a white house on your left. You continue straight up on the dirt road under the shades of the olive forest. You reach a point when you see the blue sea on your right as you going down the declivitous rocky dirt road. Below you can see the “isle” of Limni.

Just before the dirt road becomes a concrete road there is small road on your right leading down to Limni. The main road leads to a dead end (2.5 Km) where you can take panoramic pictures of Limni bays and isle. You continue straight down the dirt road on your right for about 300 meters, passing a little house on your left, until you reach a yellow gate.

On the gate there is a sign in Greek which forbids the entrance and gives you wrong directions. Ignore this message and pass the gate from the right. Continue the trail through the buses leading to some rocks and go down the trail for about 100 meters. You reach a point where there is a wooden stand. Below you can see the beach of Limni and some wooden stairs leading to the beach. Be careful not to use the stairs as they are broken and not safe to pass. The best way to pass is from the left next to the wooden stairs. Go down the trail in to the trees until you get out to the beach of Limni.

Walking Photo guide



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