Klimatia is a small secluded beach near Liapades village, only 2 km away from it and is accessible by car and a few minutes walk  through the green olive forest. You can also get there by renting a boat from Paleokastritsa or Liapades main beach (Gefyra).

The beach is only 10 meters long and covered with tiny smooth pebbles. Since the beach is surrounded by rocky hills with green bushes on top of them its possible to get some shade during the hot noon time.

There  is no infrastructure,  such as beach bars or restaurants so keep in mind to bring your own water and food with you  plan to stay for a longer time.

Klimatia is one of the best destinations  around this area for those who seek serenity and  nirvana in a beautiful and purely natural enviroment.


Walking guide

On the crossroad you take the right for about 400 meters until you reach a white house on your left. You continue straight up on the dirt road under the shades of the olive forest. You reach a point when you see the blue sea on your right as you going down the declivitous rocky dirt road.

Just before the dirt road becomes a concrete road there is small road on your right leading down to Limni. The main road leads to a dead end (2.5 Km) where you can take panoramic pictures of Limni bays and isle. You continue straight down the dirt road on your right for about 300 meters, passing a little house on your left, until you reach a yellow gate.

On the gate there is a sign in Greek which forbids the entrance and gives you wrong directions. Ignore this message and pass the gate from the right. Continue the trail through the buses leading to some rocks and go down the trail for about 100 meters. You reach a point where there is a wooden stand. Below you can see the beach of Limni and some wooden stairs.

* Until this point same as Limni instructions.

On your right there is a little path getting into the trees. You take that path for about 50 meter until your reach some concrete steps and a green gate on your left. Below you can see Klimatia beach through the trees. You go down the stairs getting to Klimatia beach.


Walking Photo guide



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