Glyko is a small secluded beach with no infrastructure, very close to Liapades and is accessible by foot.

The beach is covered with small pebbles  and is only a few meters long. The water is very clear but you need to be aware of a few big rocks in the water.

The place is very beautiful and silent with an amazing view to the green mountains that is worth visiting.


Walking guide

From the main crossroad you go back to Athina supermarket on the main road. You take the left that leads down to Liapades beach (Gefyra). You go down the road for about 0.6 Km until you see Villa Katerina blue sign on your right. On the left side of the road, opposite a gate there is little path.

Take that path passing an orange house on your left. You reach a small crossroad. (The right takes you back to the main road of Liapades) You take the left down along the fence through the narrow path. You continue down the hill until you reach a small crossroad.

You take the left narrow path towards the sea. You reach the next small crossroad. The left takes you up to the big wall before Rovinia beach. (This is the fastest way to go to Rovinia beach if you stay close to the beach) You take the right down the little path towards the sea getting into big bushes and trees.

After about 0.4 Km from the main road you get out to Glyko beach. Glyko has another small bay on your left where you can go from the rocks.

Walking Photo guide



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